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The Watson Learning and Wellness Center

Greenwood Village, Colorado‚Äč

a Denver Suburb in the heart

of the Rocky Mountains



Hypnosis is a process that takes place both in your mind and your brain. We use hypnosis everyday of our lives and we aren't even aware of it. Understanding and awareness of the experience of hypnosis, gives you access to the subconscious mind, directly, allowing you to make real, lasting, rapid, and positive changes in your behavior and then in your life. Everything we perceive in our reality, is in our minds, and that is where the true power for change and prosperity lies. Our subconscious mind is our imagination, and does not understand the difference between what we perceive as "real" and what we imagine. The ideal self you can imagine being, your are capable of becoming. Discover the truth that has always been within you.


1 hour Session $150

Hypnotherapy can give you the gift of change and prosperity. A first time, or Intake, session can last up to an hour and a half, because of paperwork and initial interview, but only costs $150. Any follow-up or return visits would be at the regular rate of $150 an hour.

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How Can Hypnosis Help Me?

Hypnosis can help:

Quit Smoking

Weight Management




Public Speaking

Test Taking

Nail Biting


and More...

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Jason Roe, CCHt.

Jason, is a practicing, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Certified Life Coach, and instructor and board member at the America's Academy of Coaching, Counseling, and Hypnotherapy.

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