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The Watson Learning and Wellness Center

Greenwood Village, Colorado​

a Denver Suburb in the heart

of the Rocky Mountains



Reiki, developed in Japan by a Buddhist monk early in the last century, is a healing technique and a spiritual practice. Reiki is a powerful tool that allows you to tap into the universal energy that is apart of all us and every thing. It is proven to reduce stress, increase focus and can help enhance creativity.

Reiki is safe and noninvasive. The client is fully clothed and is either seated in a chair or lying down. The Reiki practitioner places her/his hands on or just above the body. People have described the sensation of heat and healing pulsations, which helped them feel a relaxed meditative state. 

Reiki is being used in hospitals throughout the world and is presented to patients as a stress reduction technique that promotes relaxation and enhances the body’s natural healing ability. Some patients suffering from cancer, heart disease, auto-immune disease and other illnesses have reported great benefits.

Using all of her various vocations through the different healing modalities she has guided many of her clients to finding that healing light within, bringing it to the surface, allowing them to heal themselves through their obstacles and issues that hold them back in life. Her comprehensive toolbox has proved to be of great value to her clients and loved ones alike.

Her work will gently and effectively guide you to the place where your authentic self resides. Combining guided meditation, visualization, emotional and spiritual clearing allows you to gain momentum to create a beneficial change quickly and easily. Tina assists you in finding crucial information on your soul’s journey and defining choices that greatly enhance your life. Her intuitive knowing regarding what is needed for each client helps you to become your ideal self.

Reiki Session $80.

A session lasts for an hour. You will be seated or lying down during the session and comfortable clothes are recommended. 

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Phone: (303)888-3205

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